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  • Offline Explorer Enterprise  101)   Offline Explorer Enterprise 6.0 SR1
    Offline Explorer Enterprise - download whole sites, online image galleries, forums and media streams from the widest variety of supported Web sites.

  • Search Plugin Manager (for Firefox tm)  102)   Search Plugin Manager (for Firefox tm) 1.02
    Change the order of the search plugins in the Mozilla Firefox tm web browser. Other functions: rename, edit, delete, hide, convert search plugins from Unix to DOS text.

  • Inspyder Web2Disk  104)   Inspyder Web2Disk 3.2.5
    Save any website to your PC, USB or CD! Web2Disk automatically saves all the website files and makes any site browsable from a CD or USB. Great for saving a website for use where no Internet connection is available. Download a free trial today!

  • MSN Explorer  105)   MSN Explorer 9 Beta
    All-in-one software from Microsoft that makes it easy to get more from the Web.

  • Friends Explorer  106)   Friends Explorer 1.0.2
    FE (Friends Explorer) is customized simple browser for friendster,multiply, orkut ,Hi5 and yahoogroups user. FE provide quick access to browsing your friends, seeing his/her profile, his/her testimonials, seeing his/her photos etc in a quickest way

  • Web2RSS Proxy  107)   Web2RSS Proxy 2.1
    Web2RSS Proxy allows gathering news from web sites that do not provide RSS feeds of their own. Web2RSS Proxy collects the required information from the selected page of the site and creates an RSS feed from it.

  • Xeonn-Turbo  108)   Xeonn-Turbo 2.5
    Xeonn-Turbo 2.0 is an Accelerated Tabbed Web Browser with built-in Entertainment System, ISP & Instant Messenger. Get the best of AOL & MSN all in one secure fun filled, feature-rich application! Each new user gets a FREE AD-FREE EMAIL account.

  • NewsPiper  109)   NewsPiper 3.3.15
    NewsPiper is a RSS/Atom/Web news reader and news/stock ticker in one environment. It shows news in usual 3-panes newsreader interface (channels, headlines, news details) and in a news ticker bar (News Bar). Additionally it can pronounce news.

  • IESnap  110)   IESnap 1.0
    IESnap is an Internet Explorer plugin intended to make snapshots of web pages and save resulting image to file.

  • BrowserBob Light  112)   BrowserBob Light
    Create custom browsers, real eBooks, presentations, multimedia in your own design via Drag & Drop. Integrate any web-technology. Get results within minutes. Make crazy standalone software (exe, setups) without programming - easily! Award-winning app!

  • Password Scrambler  113)   Password Scrambler 1.0
    Password Scrambler allows you to automatically present unique passwords to the sites you visit, generated from a unique master password you choose. It achieves this by uniquely "scrambling" your password for every site you visit.

  • Bookmark Master  114)   Bookmark Master 3.13
    bookmark master can manage your favorites, keep your favorites organized,you can download the software free.BookMark Master is an easy-to-use tool to manage/edit/search/check favorite links in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Browster  115)   Browster 1.5.19
    Tired of riding the web search pogo stick, hopping back and forth from Google to other sites, with slow page redraws in between? Get Browster, a free IE plugin that zips you through a results list in seconds, without ever leaving your search page.

  • AM-DeadLink  116)   AM-DeadLink 3.1
    AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks. AM- DeadLink supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

  • Oprah's Book Club List for Amazon Kindle  117)   Oprah's Book Club List for Amazon Kindle 1.0
    Oprah's Book Club List for Amazon Kindle 2.0 Internet Explorer toolbar. Find the complete selection of book club favorites, information on the 2nd generation Kindle, and available resources. Reference for Kindle 2 and accessories on the internet.

  • iNetAdviser Professional  118)   iNetAdviser Professional 4.5.39
    All-in-one to make your Internet surfing easy. iNetAdviser allows you to avoid visiting the same web pages due to handy highlighting. It combines the functionality of a multi-window browser, an advanced bookmarker, picture saver, popup and ad stopper

  • Classic Phonetools  119)   Classic Phonetools 6
    Classic PhoneTools 6 is an easy way to extend your PC’s communication. Our phonetools software package provides advanced communication features that easily integrate with your current Windows based system: Fax, telephony, voicemail and more.

  • Real Estate  120)   Real Estate 1.057
    Ocala real estate, Full Time Realtors Lewis and Pamela Culbreath Representing buyers and sellers. Finding real estate that meets your needs. Pam Culbreath - REALTOR - Real Estate Consultant Making Your Move Easier ! (352)397-4951

  • GameNet Browser Suite  121)   GameNet Browser Suite
    GameNet is a FREE accelerated tabbed web browser for gamers with a full suite of features to improve and acclerate the online/pc gamine experience.

  • Master Math Word Problems  122)   Master Math Word Problems 1.2.4
    Solving word problems is an area where elementary students overwhelmingly display difficulties. Master Math Word Problems can help sharpen skills through practice.

  • Headlines MDI  123)   Headlines MDI 3.65
    Headlines MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. It uses a list box to display file and web pages. It supports (hyper-)linking, thumbnails, and input controls. There is a workspace, workspace explorer, and navigation history.

  • PurgeIE  124)   PurgeIE 6.03
    PurgeIE is a Cache and Cookie cleaner for Internet Explorer users to eliminate their surfing tracks. PurgeIE now has functions to assist in Cookie Control. PurgeIE manages its cleanup functions without requiring a system restart.

  • Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin  125)   Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin 1.0
    Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin will automatically intall in your Mozilla Firefox installation folder and provide you with the best beauty resources on the web.

  • Website Extractor  126)   Website Extractor 10.52
    Offline browser can changes html-links to relative names and turns web addresses (URLs) into addresses that work on your computer. This means you can easily move whole websites or information to CD-ROM, USB disk, or to another hard drive.

  • HTML Quick Edit Bar  127)   HTML Quick Edit Bar 1.3
    HTML Quick Edit Bar is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to edit the current HTML page within the browser itself. Once edited, the modified page can be uploaded to a web site via FTP.

  • BlazingTools Instant Source  128)   BlazingTools Instant Source 1.45
    Additional toolbar for IE - shows HTML of the current page, selection, or currently under-the-cursor item. Shows and lets to save all external files on a page - Flash movies, *.CSS, scripts (*.JS and *.VBS) and images. Has built-in HTML editor.

  • Oligo 2.0  129)   Oligo 2.0
    A browser that allows you to change it's skin and look depending on the site you visit.

  • Max AnonySurf  130)   Max AnonySurf 1.6
    Max Secure Anonysurf is for those who want to keep their identity private on the Internet by not disclosing their IP address. AnonySurf is the easy to use utility where you can keep your identity private by using the Proxy IP addresses.

  • Forex Currency Trading Firefox Toolbar  131)   Forex Currency Trading Firefox Toolbar 1.0
    Forex Currency Trading Free toolbar download. Find out what the hype is about.Learn the basics of a currency trade, advanced strategies, curves, software, expert advisors & more.

  • BigBlogZoo  132)   BigBlogZoo 1.0.6
    Now for free! The BigBlogZoo is a rich source of current categorized information from all over the world. It's not just about blogs. Press releases, news, stock reports, forums and blogs are ready for you to browse, search and publish as XML or PDF.

  • News Headlines  133)   News Headlines 1.3
    OOBOX News Headlines presents information culled from approximately 10,000 news sources worldwide. You pick the item that interests you, then go directly to the site which published the account you wish to read.

  • Free Boat Pictures  134)   Free Boat Pictures 1.0
    Free Boat Pictures.You can use freely all the pictures currently distributed by this homepage.But please do not break the law of Japan

  • Optimal Desktop -Professional Edition  135)   Optimal Desktop -Professional Edition 5.0 r194
    Unified desktop lets you bookmark, organize and access web, rss, files and folders in one place, build custom feeds, edit & publish XML files, share links with ease, Import feeds from an online library, block popups, create toolbars, menus.

  • RFC Browser Free Edition  136)   RFC Browser Free Edition 1.3
    RFC Browser Free Edition is a powerful utility to view RFCs that renders RFCs into HyperRFCs: intra-RFC hyperlinking, Colorful, Visual, Scalable.

  • No Fax Payday Loans  137)   No Fax Payday Loans 1.0
    No Fax Payday Loans Browser is the simplest internet browser out there just for BROWSING! Unlike other browsers stuffed with a lot of useless features that cause your computer to crash, our browser is simple and won't cause your computer to crash.

  • NotJustBrowsing  138)   NotJustBrowsing 1.0.8
    1. Drag&Drop for URL collection 2. Linear Browsing with web page access time 3. Multiple Browsing using tiled-windows 4. Auto Browsing 5. Operate computer from within browser 6. Colour coded browsing signals 7. Popups blocking 8. Verbial Icons

  • IESure!  139)   IESure! 6.1
    More Security, Less Garbage, Handy Tools. Make IE pleasant to use. Features include: Hide Identities Cookie Control ActiveX Filter URL Blokcer CDU Blocker Image Collector URL Shortcuts Page Manager HTML Filter Context Menu Manager ...

  • gcd.exe  140)   gcd.exe 1.0
    <a href="">Google Cash Detective Review</a><br><a href="http://www.googlecashdetectivereview">Google Cash Detective 2.0 Bonus</a><br><a href="">Google Cash 2.0</a><br>

  • All Modem Tweak  141)   All Modem Tweak 1.00
    All Modem Tweak is utility designed to unleash the full potential of your Internet Connection. By default, most modems and network connections in Windows are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed.

  • SiteKiosk - kiosk software for terminals  142)   SiteKiosk - kiosk software for terminals
    SiteKiosk is a software for public access internet terminals and lets you turn any computer into a secure multilanguage Internet terminal (already 20 different languages included), allowing the user to access the Internet but protecting the underlying operating system and files.

  • Web Video Downloader for Firefox (Mac)  143)   Web Video Downloader for Firefox (Mac) 6.7
    Web Video Downloader for Firefox is a free FLV video download tool. This video downloader can fast download YouTube videos and also download videos from other sites; always transfer latest video information without browsing all video sharing sites.

  • Linkman  144)   Linkman 7.90
    Linkman is a bookmark management solution which integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It calls upon many powerful features that replace the browser's native URL management. A linkman tutotial video can be watched at the Outertech website.

  • SB-Phaseout  145)   SB-Phaseout 2.0
    Revolutionary FlashMX Tabbed Browser based on the Internet Explorer. Includes Pop-Up Blocker, Clean All Trace, Multiple SKins, Photo Mail, Remote Controller, Fast Email, Preview sidebar, Content Channels and more!

  • Popup Ad Stopper  146)   Popup Ad Stopper 08.10.14
    Popup Ad Stopper is a simple, easy to use popup blocker. It works with any web browser, not just one or a select few, like most popup blockers. It filters web page content as it is coming in from the Internet, before it reaches your web browser.

  • NetMarks Manager  147)   NetMarks Manager 3.0
    NetMarks Manager lets you easily store and manage 1000's of web bookmarks and integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Take notes about bookmarks, search, preview sites, import/export, view as web pages, synchronize, manage duplicates and more

  • Squace  148)   Squace 0.4.0
    Squace makes using the Internet on ordinary mobile phones as simple as on the computer. - No typing required to get what you want. - Personalized - your start page, your links. - Real-time Internet content whenever you want it, wherever you are.

  • AmateurMatch Review ToolBar V2.0  149)   AmateurMatch Review ToolBar V2.0 2.0
    AmateurMatch is a brand new adult dating site with a very easy to use interface. The design is very clean and eveything just works without unneeded extra's like upsell advertisement.

  • IE Lock  150)   IE Lock 1.02
    IE Lock works right on your desktops, blocking any attempts at inappropriate browsing before they reach the network. IE Lock's "Allow List" ensures your employees gain access to ONLY THOSE PAGES/DOMAINS you allow.

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